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Tuesday , February , 27 2024
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The NUM-YS post national committee meeting media statement

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The NUM-YS post national committee meeting media statement

Media Statement, 19 December 2023

The NUM-YS post national committee meeting media statement

The National Union of Mineworkers Youth Structure (NUMYS) held its National Committee Meeting from the 12th to the 13th of December 2023 at the Gallagher Hotel in Midrand. The NUM-YS met as part of the year planner that mandates it to meet quarterly to evaluate the progress as far as its program is concerned.

The national committee deliberated on a number of issues:

The NUM-YS National Committee is aware that some of the issues that are raised in this media statement might not sit well with other people, particularly our detractors. It should be understood that our primary task is to service our members and safeguard their interests before anything or anyone else.

The meeting took place when the country was faced with enormous challenges that called for the unity of the working class in dealing with them. These challenges demand our undivided attention.

During the meeting, organisational, political, and financial reports were presented.


The meeting highlighted the impact of Transnet's dysfunctionality, causing inefficiencies in logistics for mining companies. This results in decreased production and often leads to retrenchment and worsening unemployment. Consequently, we have decided to organise a march to the Union buildings in January 2024, urging government intervention for a functional Transnet.

The NUM-YS National Committee emphasize to the citizens of South Africa that State-Owned Entities (SOEs) are crucial tools for driving the transformation towards the envisioned developmental state. Functional SOEs play a vital role in the economy and contribute to public finance oversight. We believe that avoiding a neoliberal trajectory is essential to prevent unemployment, deepening inequalities, and poverty. Functional SOEs provide developmental states with a mechanism to guide and influence the economic development path in favour of the NDR in reversing the legacy of apartheid and colonialism in all key sights and fronts of struggle.

Moreover, the closure of certain Transnet operations has led to increased reliance on trucks for the transportation of goods. This places additional strain on road infrastructure, contributing to a rise in road fatalities.

Gold One hostage situation

The National Youth Committee (NYC) expresses dismay at the recent criminal behaviour exhibited by alleged AMCU instigators at Gold One Mine. We acknowledge NUM's voluntary termination of the closed shop agreement effective from December 14th, 2023, despite its legally and constitutionally acquired hegemony at this mine. NUM is committed to preserving jobs and the well being of innocent workers. However, we condemn the company's lack of prompt and decisive action against the violent threats posed by alleged AMCU instigators. We strongly urge the arrest of those responsible for undermining democratic processes established to address disputes, dissatisfaction, and grievances.

NYC is troubled by the ongoing trend of underground sitins across various operations.


The mining sector is anticipated to retrench around 35,000, driven by operational requirements influenced by varying conditions across different mines. More than 10 mines have already embarked on retrenchments, while other mines have issued intentions to retrench.

We call upon the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) to intervene in the fight against retrenchment.

Illegal mining

The NYC expresses gratitude to the government for declaring war against illegal mining and encouraging further intensification of these efforts. We perceive illegal mining as an economic threat to the legal economy and the state, posing risks to safety, security, and the rule of law.

Illegal mining is associated with crimes such as tax evasion.

LIFO (Last in, First out)

The NUM-YS continues to advocate for doing away with the "Last in - First out (LIFO) policy". This policy targets and casualises young workers.

We wish everyone a joyful festive season surrounded by family and friends. May you travel safely on the roads and reach your destinations soundly.

For more detailed information, please contact:

Nuel Phatlane, NUM Youth Structure Deputy Secretary, 072 381 7090

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