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Thursday , September , 28 2023
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NUM Youth Forum position on Vavi attacking NUM national leadership

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The National Union of Mineworkers Youth Forum (NUM YF)has noted insulting and disgusting comments made by Cosatu General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi on his twitter page about the NUM national leadership.
Vavi on his twitter said: "The NUM would still be a union of choice had its national leaders not abandoned workplace issues for a preoccupation with Vavi."

If this man did not had sex in the office, Cosatu would still be united. Had he subjected himself to the organisational discipline,Cosatu would still be united. Had he refrained from his divisive tendencies of dividing unions , Cosatu would still be united.

This divisive character has taken himself too seriously thinking he is bigger than anyone and the Cosatu. As the NUM YF, we are worried by his populist stance influenced by hatred. He has been acting cowardly and actively participating on social media but failling to honour his deployment as the General Secretary of Cosatu. This man spend more time on social media than doing work for the federation.

Lately, he has been unable to attend meetings of Cosatu where he is expected to raise his views and respond to the recommendations made by the Auditors. 

If this divisive character was not preoccupied with factional politics, he could have called Numsa into order when they violated the Cosatu founding principle. He should stop quoting comrade Chris Hani because he does not believe in the principles of democratic centralism. Chris Hani was a respected leader and he respected democratic centralism within the ANC. Vavi totally undermines democratic  centralism at Cosatu. The NUM YF has lost respect for this divisive character and the so-called social media revolutionary.

In 1997, this is what Cosatu resolved on
. All affiliates must be compelled to implement Cosatu decision
. Cosatu must be empowered to enforce decisions that relate to poaching of members.
. All affiliates that currently holds membership in a sector that is not designated to them in terms of current Cosatu demarcation should hand over such membership in that sector within six months.
. Any affiliate which breaches the terms of this resolution shall be subjected to sanction by the CEC of Cosatu.

We are proud of the NUM leadership that they never preoccupied themselves with sex in their offices unlike Vavi who abandoned workers at a critical time for sex. 

Our national leaders do not have time or energy to fight Vavi. They have time to do organisational work.  Unity of Cosatu is of paramount importance but we will not allow this divisive character and the so-called social media revolutionary to mislead the society. 

For more information, please contact:

Sabelo Mgotywa: NUM YF National Secretry-076 022 1756
Livhuwani Mammburu: (Acting NUM National Spokesperson )-083 809 3257

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