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The Struggle continues at Northam Platinum 2014

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NUM LogoPRESS RELEASE                                                                                               Date:   7 January 2014 

The NUM members at Northam are back from holiday since the 20th December. They are re- energized to start where they left their struggle for better wages.

For the record we have revised our demands and believe that they are more reasonable, achievable and justifiable.  We have revised our initial demands in the spirit of willingness to resolve the impasse and get the company working to the following:

• R1900 for the core workers
• R1800 non-core workers
• Equate the living out allowance to those of the officials(R3 600)
Furthermore contrary to our initial position of a 1 year deal we have revised the demand to a 2 year deal meaning that thecompany must achieve these demands in 2 years as opposed to 1 year . Consistent with its intransigence the leadership and management of the company still insist on their original offer of 3 year deal despite our gesture. The spoiler is clearly in the open for everyone to see. Our demands are fair, just and achievable and taking into account that the company is developing Boysendaal with Zondareinde assets.

We are  hopeful  that the  Christmas break offered the company  leadership and management sufficient break  to  come to their senses which we believe  will  bring about positive contributions from their side in taking the company  towards  a correct direction and sustainable future in the interest of all stakeholders and not few individuals narrowly concerned with lining their thick pockets at the expense of the workers .

The workers stand ready in 2014 reinvigorated more than ever before for the battle ahead to defeat the vicious cycle of poverty wages once and for all .It is well within their knowledge that this is worth the sacrifice. NUM members have resolved to intensify the peaceful, bloodless, andeffective fight for their reasonable demands to be met in 2014.

We once again warn the company management to stop the abuse of resources with  continued use of public relations consultants who are generally expensive. This exercise alone defeats the very argument of a company pleading povertystatus .This unavoidably confirms that the company has money but its priorities are wrong and clearly not in the interest of workers.

While NUM and Northam Platinum will meet on Monday next week under the auspices of the CCMA for further negotiations we call upon the Board of Northam Platinum to intervene decisively to provide leadership and guidance.Reducing negotiations on matters of life cannot simply berelegated to a choice of best public relations exercise.

On the contrary the company should deem it fit to engage NUM directly and not hire expensive services to concoct propaganda and mislead unsuspecting South African publicand stakeholders . The management is yet to learn the hard way unless the board intervenes decisively to inject a sense of truthfulness and readiness to tackle shop floor matters and not public relations issues.

The strike continues!

For more information contact:

Ecliff TantsiNortham Chief Negotiator0829414210
LivhuwaniMammburuActing National Spokesperson0838093257
Mike Tankiso FafuliAdvisor (Office of thePresident)0828036419

7 Rissik Street
Cnr Frederick

“Socialist societies that create better living conditions for the people are unconsciously carrying out what we men of faith consider God`s project in history” (Brazilian liberation theologist – Frei Betto)

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