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Friday , December , 02 2022
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NUM PWV Region against Drive-Camera installation in Eskom's vehicles in Gauteng.

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NUM PWV Region against Drive-Camera installation in Eskom's vehicles in Gauteng.

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) PWV Region is disgusted and outraged with Eskom that it is still continuing with Drive-Camera installation in Eskom's vehicles in Gauteng.

Yesterday, Eskom workers at Robinson CNC embarked on a work stoppage in protesting against Eskom’s continuation of Drive-Cam installation in Eskom’s vehicles here in Gauteng.

Contrary to the barefaced lies told to media by Eskom Spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe this morning, Eskom is using Drive-Cam to victimize workers through senseless disciplinary actions which are costly to the same employees they claim to protect.

Eskom is telling the public blatant lies through the media saying the purpose of installing these cameras is only meant to protect Eskom’s employees and that it is looking outside only and not inside.

"As the NUM in PWV Region, we are dismayed and seriously alarmed by this high level of intransigence Eskom is displaying in dealing with issues that are subject to consultation with organized labour at the National forum (CCF) prior to implementation of this Drive-Cam installation. Their statement to the media is a hogwash, which is nothing more than blatant lies aimed at blindfolding the entire public to the realities of what workers are fighting for.The truth is that it is the NUM that has been fighting against Drive-Cam installation in Eskom's vehicles for some time now. This is also a clear sign of undermining our existence as the union and NUM in particular in Eskom," Ndlela Radebe, NUM PWV Eskom Full-Time Shopsteward.

As the NUM PWV Region, we believe that Eskom’s barefaced lies must be exposed to the same media they are using to mislead the public for the following reasons:

Eskom implemented this device without first having consulted us as the NUM at the appropriate level which is Central Consultative Forum in terms of the Recognition Agreement as this matter has business-wide impact;

The implementation of this technology is viewed by the NUM as the gross violation of workers Constitutional right to privacy and a waste of the scares resources that the company has whilst Eskom pleads poverty and unable to sustain itself as a business.

For an example, Eskom have already spent a total amount of R5 500.00 per unit which amounts to (40.7m for only 7411 vehicles in which this device have been fitted to date, and Gauteng Operating Unit which is where Robinson belongs, have already spent R10m for the installation of the Drive-Cam.

Furthermore, the maintenance and management of Drive-Cam cost Eskom an amount of R290.00 per vehicle which totals R25.8 million per annum excluding VAT, CPI and other hidden costs.

NUM’s position has been very clear to Eskom since we started engaging them on this matter at various levels of the organization. We are saying Eskom must stop further installation of this device and scrap this Drive-Cam with immediate effect.

Eskom must explore at other costs effective and progressive ways of managing these vehicles and providing protection to employees. We are availing ourselves as the NUM to work together with the employer in finding better and viable solutions to this problem than this paternalistic approach the employer has resorted to.

Eskom must stop wasting money that it desperately needs to improve the security of electricity supply and to contribute towards the economic growth of the country.

For more information, please contact:

Ndlela Radebe: NUM PWV Eskom Full-Time Shop steward: 071 871 5859.
Livhuwani Mammburu: Acting NUM National Spokesman: 083 809 3257

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