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7000 NUM members to march at Northam Platinum

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7000 NUM members to march at Northam Platinum

*NUM Press Statement, 17 August 2016* 

7000 NUM members to march at Northam Platinum

Over 7000 members of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) at Northam Platinum will embark on a massive march tomorrow against witch hunting, victimisation, suspension and charging of NUM members at Northam Platinum.

Date : 18 August 2016
Time : 1 pm

The NUM prides itself in being a peaceful organisation that was formed to advance the interests of workers during the dark days of apartheid. The NUM itself in upholding the values that promote peace and stability and respect for human life.

We have contributed immensely towards peaceful industrial relations within the mining sector and are committed to peace and stability for the betterment of the country’s economy. The NUM will not abdicate its responsibility towards the attainment of peace between labour and employers.

The NUM is a majority union at Northam Platinum and has for many years maintained peaceful working relationships in the workplace. However since the emergence of AMCU, peace in the workplace has been disturbed and this is mainly as a result of collusion between the employer and AMCU, which has no recognition agreement at the workplace since they do not meet the
minimum requirements for recognition in terms of applicable legislation.

Having regard to the noble goals as espoused by the NUM and having regard to the Recognition Agreement entered into between the NUM and the employer, “Framework Agreement For a Sustainable Mining Industry” entered into by organised labour, organised business and government and having regard to the “Framework for Peace and Stability in the Mining Industry” entered into
by organised labour, organised business and government, which amongst others commits the Employer to perform the following:

.Act in a fair and impartial manner in dealing with unions and act swiftly
where these principles are violated;

. Negotiate in the workplace and the industry in ways that support
long-term development and constructive, peaceful labour relations;

.Take measures to protect staff members from violence and intimidation and
to ensure that security personnel act in accordance with the law at all

.Avoid acting in a manner that provokes or raises tensions in the workplace
without abdicating their responsibility to implement laws and rules of the
country and internal company policies;

.Take all legal steps to mitigate against unprotected labour actions;

.Contribute to creating cordial relations between unions in the sector;

.Work with Labour to fast track resolution of disputes over membership
status, verification of membership figures and recognition agreements

Having further regard that Northam Platinum Mines have established a cosy
relationship with AMCU in contravention of the Labour Relations Act in that:
· They gave AMCU access to the workplace when they did not meet the

· Allowed AMCU to put notices on the company premises in contravention of
the requirements of the Recognition Agreement;

· Inconsistently applied the policies and procedures of the company in
favour of AMCU members and against the NUM members;

· Failed to regulate employment relations between members of the two unions
in a fair manner;

· Witch hunting against the NUM members;

· Suspending and charging NUM members without providing sufficient reason;

· Undermining existing collective agreement by inconsistently applying 4
shift cycle;

· Exposing NUM members to humiliating conditions by having them arrested
while they were from work and wet and not allowing them to change into
proper clothes;

· Allowing police to search the premises of workers without search

· Failure to charge and suspend AMCU members for similar offences that led
to the suspension and charging of NUM members;

· Failure and refusal to engage with the NUM in trying to deal with
disputes in an amicable manner in order to foster cordial working relations;

· Showing general bias against the NUM members;

We, therefore, demand on the following:

.Fire the CEO of Northam Platinum Paul Dunne with immediate effect;

. The Chairperson and his Board of Directors must assure the NUM that
victimisation of its members shall stop with immediate effect
Fire the ER Specialist with immediate effect;
Implement and abide by the requirements of the Recognition Agreement.
Implement and abide by the requirements of the Framework Agreement For a
Sustainable Mining Industry and the Framework for Peace and Stability in
the Mining Industry;

We had said it before as the NUM that we did not and still does not support the presence of Paul Dunne at Northam Platinum. Paul Dunne has a history of dividing workers and unions. He mastered this art at Impala Platinum and under his leadership the company triggered a tumultuous tide of turmoil in the platinum sector. The NUM is going to fight and expose this divisive and evil character who thrives on dividing black mineworkers. He is the real enemy of the workers.

At Impala, he refused to conduct membership verification through an independent verifier. The NUM members has resolved not to stomach this behaviour at Northam Platinum and we don’t rule out the possibility of this divisive and evil character plunging the mining sector into another chaos.

The union will never allow this divisive character to do what he did at Impala Platinum. The DMR should be proactive in promoting the spirit of the Framework agreement by holding defaulting entities responsible for creating a stable labour relations in the platinum sector.

The media is invited to attend the march and report

For more information, please contact:

Joseph Montisetse: NUM Deputy President: 082 809 2391
Desmond Mfuloane: NUM Rustenburg Regional Secretary: 072 212 9619 or 079
883 6235
Livhuwani Mammburu: NUM National Spokesman: 083 809 3257

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