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Post NEC Press Statement, 26 September 2016

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Post NEC Press Statement, 26 September 2016

NUM Press Statement,  26 September 2016

Post NEC Press Statement, 26 September 2016

The NEC of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) met from the 22nd – 23rd September 2016 at EBMTC, Midrand and among other things deliberated on the following;

1.Relationship with mining Companies

The rift between the National Union of Mineworkers and mining companies is forever growing. It is common cause that many of these companies regard the NUM as an enemy rather than an important stakeholder.

They have waged an all-out was against the NUM. Those NUM leaders who have been seconded to the NUM on the full-time basis are being recalled just for them to be retrenched. This is a compelling reason for the NUM to review its strategies on engagement with the mining companies.

2.Status of UBank

The NEC reaffirmed the union’s decision that the UBank is not for sale. It was also noted that the bank is currently not in breach of the Reserve Bank requirement in terms of capital adequacy ratio. The NEC condemned the behaviour of the bank’s CEO in particular and the Ubank Board in general who are doing absolutely nothing to save the bank but everything else to downgrade it and sell it to the lowest bidder. If they have run short of ideas on how to grow the bank, the NEC is requesting them to do the honourable thing and move aside to allow those who have the bank’s interest at heart to take over.

We also call on COSATU to seize this as the golden opportunity to utilise UBank as the vehicle to implement its resolution on the establishment of a worker’s bank.

3.NUM’s Social responsibility programme

The National Union of Mineworkers as a caring union has long been involved in projects whose aims are to improve the lives of ordinary energy, construction and mineworkers.

We came up with the JB Marks Bursary Scheme which has produced more than 1000 graduates from tertiary institutions.

We also have the Mineworkers Development Agency which was established to re-skill retrenched mineworkers to take this ideal of caring for our members and former members, the NEC has decided to explore how the NUM can play an active role in addressing the plight of the victims of the murderers reign of terror in the mining industry especially in the platinum belt.

4.Section 7 B (2) of the Pension Fund Act

The NEC came out in full support of the effort by the MWPF Board of Trustees to seek exemption from the provisions of Section 7 B (2) of the Pension Funds Act. This decision is influenced by the complication of processes to be followed and the literacy levels of the affected workers. The NEC felt that the guard and vigilance on poor worker’s life savings cannot be dropped or compromised.

5.Investment of Pension Fund Monies

The Fund Forum Africa will be hosted before the end of the year. The aim is to debate the Africa growth story with leading Investments experts.

Currently, most Funds are Investing Pension Fund monies off-shore. We believe that it is time for Africa to be given the opportunity to develop. The National Union of Mineworkers will participate in the Forum and do its best to influence the belief that Pension Funds need to be invested more in Africa.

6.Local Government Elections

The NEC noted that the ANC fared very badly in the August 3rd Local Government Elections. This is a call for the ANC to do self-introspection and deal decisively with the cause and march forward. The NUM will continue with their support for the ANC.

7.The ANC Succession debate

The leadership of the ANC is elected by the ANC conferences, but as workers, we have a vested interest as to who leads the ANC. As to when lobbying on the matter will be open, it is no longer an issue and those who think they alone have the right to lobby must think otherwise.

The NEC reminded itself that the 2016 Central Committee of the NUM has, in early June taken a decision to support the candidacy of Cyril Ramapahosa for President. This is not only based on the tradition of the ANC, but also on the suitability of the candidate. We firmly believe that debates on this issue should be organisational and people must stop swearing at others as that only serves to show how intolerant we are.

8.SARS and the Spy Unit

The NEC noted with grave concern how the matter is being handled. We call upon the concerned parties to abide by the law. People and especially eminent persons must refrain from trying to sway public opinion this way or that way. Let us allow the law to take its cause.

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