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Tuesday , November , 29 2022
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NUM to march at Anglogold Ashanti in Carletonville this afternoon.

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NUM to march at Anglogold Ashanti in Carletonville this afternoon.

Press Statement, 23 February 2017

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) will this afternoon march to Anglogold Ashanti in Carletonville to present a memorandum of demands. The march will start at 15H00today at No.9 Hostel at Anglogold Ashanti in Carletonville.  

The NUM members are angry with the treatment they are getting in the hands of Anglogold Ashanti managers which reminds them of the bad apartheid days where workers were treated like slaves with no rights. The divide and rule tactics employed by the company will not be left unchallenged. 

The NUM members have vowed to embark on a national strike should the Anglogold Ashanti continue to disregard their demands. 


The NUM demands  are structured as follows; 


1.    Section 189 notice to retrench workers.

The NUM is against its members losing their jobs through retrenchments. South Africa as we speak has a high rate of unemployment and workers must not be thrown into the sea of poverty. 

Anglogold Ashanti’s social responsibility is to create jobs instead of retrenching workers.

We, therefore, demand that the intended retrenchments by Anglogold Ashanti must stop with immediate effect.


2.    Potential outsourcing of hospitals.

We note with concern the intent by Anglogold Ashanti to outsource hospitals. As the National Union of Mineworkers, we are opposed to this as these hospitals were built to treat mineworker’s sufferings from occupational diseases and injuries which are unique to the mining industry. 

Anglogold Ashanti must not run away from its responsibility of providing medical treatment to its own employees.

The company must refrain from maximising profits at the expense of health and safety of its employees.

We, therefore, demand a stop on outsourcing these hospitals.

The Human Resource Manager of Anglogold Ashanti Hospital has become a thorn into the flash of AngloGold Ashanti Health workers. Her management style which reminds us of the old apartheid days at Health Service leaves a lot to be desired. 

We, therefore, demand that the company must remove her from Health Services.


3.    Non-investment in South African mines

Non – investment by Anglogold Ashanti in South African mines is the main cause that the company is not creating job opportunities for its employees and local communities. 

We view this as a direct nullification of Anglogold Ashanti’s responsibility on Social labour Plan and mining license conditions. 

As Anglogold Ashanti is busy winding up its operations in South Africa with only Mponeng and Mine Waste Solution to remain in operation the communities in Merafong and Matlosana will remain in poverty-stricken conditions with no hope for survival.

We, therefore, demand that Anglogold Ashanti must inject money into South Africa Region operations extend the lifespan of all operations in the region. 


4.    Sub-Contractors

Sub – contractors has become the cheapest way of exploiting workers in South Africa especially by the mining industry. Anglogold Ashanti as a company is not an exception to this.

Sub – contract employees are subjected to brutal conditions of employment which do not have benefits and individuals are benefiting out of their sweat and blood. 

Mineworkers are replaced by sub – contractors as cheap labour for companies to maximise their profits and enrich individuals.

We, therefore, demand an end of this modernised slavery by Anglogold Ashanti.


5.    COO incentive bonus

The COO Incentive Bonus may have good intentions but the way it is applied has a potential to divide workers and erode its good intentions. 

We, therefore, demand that this bonus must equally apply to all employees of Anglogold Ashanti.


6.    Racism

Racism has become a cancer in the mining industry. It is also used as a weapon to block transformation that stands to benefit Black employees. Although some incidents of racism are reported but there is little that Anglogold Ashanti is doing to uproot this cancer. 

We, therefore, demand that racism must be uprooted in all Anglogold Ashanti operations. Those promoting and practising racism must be expelled from the company.


7. Conclusion

Anglogold Ashanti has always been saying that it is setting the company for a sustainable future. What we see now is that the company is setting a bleak future for the communities of Merafong and Matlosana.


For more information, please contact:


Richard Xati: NUM Carletonville Education Secretary: 081 062 9876



7 Rissik Street.

Cnr Frederick,

Johannesburg  2001

Tel: 011 377 2111



Twitter: @Num Media    






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