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Tuesday , November , 29 2022
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The NUM is strongly opposed to the retrenchment of 47 workers at WBHO

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The NUM is strongly opposed to the retrenchment of 47 workers at WBHO


Whether WBHO restructures its building or civil division, it is a move against job security. The proposed changes to the industry, if not challenged, is the transformation of the Construction Sector.

This transformation will also result in the death of job security and labour movements within the industry.

Currently, practically the whole country, besides a few regions have Bargaining Councils that regulates the industry, and majority do not have the said regulations and the industry is an open play field for abuse. The intended action of WBHO is to exploit the situation by managing sub-contractors who will not employ on long term, all employment will be on contractual basis. (What stops a subbie from following suite and also employing core employees and managing contractors also?)

Currently unions are toothless when it comes to S189A processes, as the law allows business the benefit to transform, conditionally the process is followed. Challenging substantive issues can only be done by power play and that is the muscle that labour organisations have.

The NUM needs to pronounce on its move to challenge the matter nationally as the company is a national business and a failure by us against WBHO is the opening of the freeway to changing of the sector.

The NUM also requires its National leaders to intervene on the political arena highlighting the dilemma that workers will encounter. (As much as Government is promoting the concept of smaller Black empowered construction companies to sub, it must also consider the issue of job security in a country that unemployment is the biggest threat)

Comrades, its only in unity can this challenge be tackled, and it will take a strong united leadership to defend our aims, as all other odds are against us.


Eddy Khan


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