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Wednesday , October , 20 2021
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NUM Matlosana Region concerned about workers not being paid at Shiva Uranium

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NUM Matlosana Region concerned about workers not being paid at Shiva Uranium

NUM Press Statement, 28 February 2018

NUM Matlosana Region concerned about workers not being paid at Shiva Uranium

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) Matlosana Region is angered by the Gupta owned Shiva Uranium Mine merciless decision of not paying the workers their salaries despite the workers having provided their labour for the company for the whole month. This brutal decision by the Guptas was taken without even notifying the workers on time. The arrogance which is always displayed by the Capitals in the mining sectors is appalling. If the Mine owners and management were aware of their bank facility challenges as speculated, they should have communicated that to all the workers through the labour union. But however, because of the arrogance of the capital and their exploitative behaviour to workers, they did not find it fit to communicate that to the workers.

Any failure to pay the workers who sell their labour for their own survival is spat on the face of the poor and the working class. The NUM Matlosana Region will not massage any employer who advances the agenda of exploiting the mine workers and their dependents. The NUM Matlosana Region will consult with workers and broader stakeholders on a way forward on the matter of workers not being paid by Shiva Uranium Mine. It is logical for the workers to stop providing their labour until their salaries are paid. Workers cannot continue to do voluntary services and not being paid.

Moab Khotsong Fatal Accident

The NUM Matlosana Region is saddened by the continuous killing of workers by the Capitals in their quest to maximise profits. Mineworkers continue do die whilst there are rules and regulations for the mining companies to prioritise the safety of the workers. Instead of prioritising safety measures in the mine, the management of Moab Khotsong has been focusing on liquidating NUM structures. Their interest is to ensure that NUM is replaced as a union of choice and another union which will be their darling takes over.

NUM calls all workers at Moab Khotsong to unite and demand that the Mine management prioritizes safety in the Mine. There will a massive protest action directed to the mine management of Moab Khutsong by NUM Matlosana Region.

Cabinet reshuffle

The NUM Matlosana region wants also welcome the appointment of comrade Gwede Mantashe as the new Minister of Mineral Resources. Minister Mantashe as a former trade unionist in the mining sector is fully aware of the challenges of the workers in mining and how exploitative is the mining sector. It is our hope that with his experience in the sector he will bring stability to the Department that was brought down to its knees by the highly compromised former Minister and also ensure that the exploitation of the workers by the brutal Capitals in this sector is eradicated.

NUM-Matlosana Region calls on Minister to instruct the DMR safety inspectors to do their work without fear or favour. Furthermore, the Minister must ensure that the DMR-Social and Labour unit is beefed up to ensure that there is effective and efficient monitoring and evaluation of Mines compliance to the Mining Charter.

For more information, please contact:
Masibulele Naki: NUM Matlosana Regional Secretary: 073 333 7745

7 Rissik Street.
Cnr Frederick,
Johannesburg 2001
Tel: 011 377 2111

Twitter: @Num Media

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